Why ProcureWare

Simple. Proven. Measurable.

There is a strong business case for the implementation of ProcureWare. From the fresh user interface that makes it simple for new users, to the reliable and secure infrastructure, ease of configuration, rapid deployment, and continuous improvement driven by our customer focus, ProcureWare delivers on the promised benefits of e-procurement. Below are a few reasons why ProcureWare is a sound investment:


“For too many years my agency struggled with a manual procurement process that was inefficient and expensive. We turned to [Bentley procurement software] to centralize our procurement process. It revolutionized our department.”

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Scalable. Reliable. Secure.

Over a decade of experience in delivering software-as-a-service and our continuing investment in cloud infrastructure means that ProcureWare is available anytime, anywhere, and is immediately scalable. Backed by the resources of Amazon Web Services, we consistently deliver measured system availability exceeding 99.95%.


Ease of use drives adoption

ProcureWare was built from the ground up using the latest web technologies to ensure an intuitive user experience on any device. Too many technology investments never realize their potential because they are too hard to learn and use. ProcureWare is powerful enough for the power procurement user yet simple enough for the casual user to ensure adoption across the organization.


Enter once. View everywhere.

Just because ProcureWare resides in the cloud doesn’t mean it has to operate as an island of technology. Starting with an initial import of an existing supplier, bid, or contract database, use of our single sign-on (SSO) system, or ongoing synchronization with your on-premise applications, ProcureWare can be an integral part of your enterprise systems.

Rapid ROI

Deployment in days to weeks

Realizing the benefits of your vision for streamlining the supply chain relies on getting your procurement solution in place quickly. We deal in days and weeks to implement ProcureWare rather months or years that are required for enterprise solutions. We are there to guide you through the implementation process to ensure that you deliver on the promise of savings quickly.


Help from dedicated experts

We are here to help clients realize the benefits of an improved procurement process. All of our staff are experts in business process consulting, training, software development, and SaaS operations and dedicated to client success. From your dedicated account manager to our customer service team, you will deal with people by name rather than be shuffled through a call center.


Continuous procurement SaaS delivery since 2000

The ProcureWare team provided procurement software-as-a-service long before the SaaS acronym was invented. Since 2000 we have served customers across a range of industries and across the world and we are proud to have clients continually using our services for more than 10 years. With customers relying on our software to manage hundreds of thousands of vendor accounts and billions of dollars in spend, you can trust the ProcureWare team to deliver powerful and reliable procurement solutions.


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