ProcureWare Product Tip – Streamline vendor communication with e-notification

by Tim Schmidt

Connection Made Easy

Communication with vendors is a foundational component of the bidding process. When bid information is posted or updated all bidders must be notified. Using standard email, this can be time-consuming and prone to errors that could result in a successful bid protest.

With ProcureWare, sending notifications is simple, reliable, and auditable, meaning you have the tools to ensure suppliers have equal access to information and you can minimize the possibility of successful bid protests.

How it Works

To send a notice, simply push the Notify button at the top of the bidders list. This brings up the notification page where you can select a message template and the suppliers you want to send the notice to. Messages can use variables for standard information and can be tailored to each mailer.

ProcureWare makes it easy to send bid-related email notifications to:

  • All suppliers assigned the same category as the bid
  • All suppliers on the bidders list
  • Individual suppliers on the bidders list

All vendor contact information is centrally available in ProcureWare and kept up-to-date by the suppliers themselves.

Improve Transparency and Auditability

Not only is this process time-efficient, it also improves transparency. All actions taken in ProcureWare leave an auditable trail. You now have a record that a vendor was notified. For further confirmation, you can send the vendor a link asking them to acknowledge their receipt of the email.