ProcureWare Product Tip – Automatically log all incoming and outgoing vendor emails

by Tim Schmidt

Last month ProcureWare had its second major release of the year. One significant enhancement is the implementation of Two-Way Messaging.

Two-Way Messaging is a new feature that lets buyers interact with vendors via email and have all the communications logged in ProcureWare. The communications are automatically associated to the individual vendor, their company, and the relevant bid or contract. This is important because:

  • Staff can more easily collaborate on bids or contracts
  • It is easy to quickly locate all relevant communications
  • It increases visibility into vendor and buyer communication
  • It minimizes opportunities for collusion
  • It takes less time to log important documentation

Two-Way Messaging is relevant in many scenarios, here are a few examples:

  • The buyer needs to clarify a detail of a vendor’s registration
  • The buyer and vendor negotiate final terms on a contract
  • The buyer needs additional supporting documentation related to a bid

In each case, the buyer can send an email to the vendor, the vendor replies via their standard email, and the reply is automatically forwarded to the buyer’s email. The email chain can continue with requests for further clarification from the buyer and responses from the vendor. All the communication happening outside of ProcureWare is automatically logged in ProcureWare and associated with the related bid, contract, and/or company.

The new Two-Way Messaging feature is just one example of how ProcureWare transforms sourcing operations to save buyers time, foster greater collaboration, reduce risk, and increase transparency. Like all ProcureWare features and modules, it is available at no extra cost to ProcureWare users.