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Proactively Manage Suppliers

Suppliers are critical to your organization. ProcureWare provides a centralized platform where all stakeholders can view important supplier information, participate in sourcing decisions, and manage supplier engagements.

In an era of global supply chain risk, ProcureWare provides the tools needed to ensure that suppliers meet risk criteria. With a configurable process for supplier qualification, ProcureWare captures critical supplier information, monitors whether supplier information is current, and alerts users when corrective actions are needed.

Why ProcureWare?

ProcureWare is an online procurement platform for supplier management, sourcing, and contract management. With ProcureWare as your private supplier exchange, you can manage the entire supplier engagement, from supplier pre-qualification, through competitive bidding, and contract management. For over 15 years, ProcureWare has provided efficient, affordable and easy-to-use procurement Software-as-a-Service to a global client base of private and public sector organizations across a range of industries.


Features at a Glance

Supplier Management

  • Self-service supplier portal
  • Supplier diversity reporting
  • Integrated custom messaging
  • Customizable supplier registration forms
  • Insurance certificate tracking
  • Licensing and certification expiration alerts

Tools that help you make informed decisions and source the right suppliers.



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