ProcureWare Featured on Sourcing Innovation

Feb 28, 2017 by Rebeka Thomas

Michael Lamoureux is a sourcing expert who writes for Spend Matters and publishes his own blog, Sourcing Innovation. He recently wrote a review of ProcureWare entitled, “ProcureWare – An Old Procurement Provider with a New SaaS Sourcing Solution.”

The article summarizes ProcureWare history in the public procurement space and the functionality of ProcureWare. The software, Lamoureux writes, was developed to be a “…nimble, quick to setup, easy to use, competitive turnkey e-Sourcing solution.”

The article examines specific ProcureWare functionality including: RFX, reverse auction, audit log, supplier information management, and contract management.

We hope you enjoy this outside look into our ProcureWare solution: