Whitepaper Explores Strategic Control Over Spend and the Role of Electronic Sourcing Software

Sep 1, 2016 by Rebeka Thomas

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) September 1, 2016

ProcureWare today announced its sponsorship and the release of the 2016 Sourcing Report whitepaper by PayStream Advisors. The full report is available for free download at www.procureware.com/sourcing-2016-whitepaper. This whitepaper is geared towards buyers, procurement professionals, and executives who wish to expand their strategic control over spending. The 2016 Sourcing Report takes an in-depth look into sourcing industry trends and modern software solutions.

The sourcing process has evolved over the years from manual printing and mailing to online bidding and automatic notifications. Companies choose to implement e-sourcing solutions for a number of reasons: to consolidate sourcing and procurement, improve supplier performance and consistency, or reduce costs. Of the Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) interviewed for this report, 54% listed vendor management and supplier relationships as a top priority followed closely by data management at 52%. Sourcing software is a key next step for these companies that want to move their process forward with a better vendor experience and comprehensive data management.

The 2016 Sourcing Report covers multiple key topics: “Sourcing Today” gives an in-depth look at the priorities and risk assessment of CPOs, “Features and Functionality” provides a look into the role of software in the sourcing process and essential features, and “Industry Case Studies” addresses the impact of automation on sourcing efficiency.

Tim Schmidt, Vice President of ProcureWare said, “This research shows that we are moving sourcing in the right direction. Sourcing software is meeting the expressed needs of CPOs and helping procurement teams improve efficiency while reducing risk.” ProcureWare is proud to drive current industry research and helped sponsor this PayStream whitepaper.

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