Release of On-Demand Procurement for SMB Market

Jan 15, 2007 by Dani Stoehr

ProcureWare releases eBid eXchange 2007 Winter Edition
On-Demand Procurement for the SMB Market

Seattle, WA – January 15, 2007 – ProcureWare is pleased to announce the release
of eBid eXchange 2007 Winter Edition. The new release of eBid eXchange delivers
modular and configurable capabilities, adding to the already impressive array of
online procurement tools. eBid eXchange eliminates the administrative burden of
paper-based procurement processes, creating more time for strategic activities and
saving on procurement overhead. eBid eXchange 2007 Winter Edition empowers businesses
of all sizes with affordable on-demand procurement software.

The modular architecture of eBid eXchange gives users the flexibility to choose
any combination of features, providing a greater ROI while giving users peace of
mind to add capabilities at their own pace. eBid eXchange 2007 Winter Edition includes
three modules that provide a complete sourcing solution; eBid Invitation for simple
vendor database management and bid solicitation, eBid Documents for self-service
vendor registration and bid document distribution, and eBid RFQ for online bidding
and bid analysis. Already in development are two additional modules that will streamline
vendor contract management; eBid Contracts for contract administration tasks such
as contract modification, insurance certificate, and performance tracking; and,
eBid Compliance for managing “n-tier” reporting of wage and diverse supplier participation.
The eBid Contracts and eBid Compliance modules will be available in early second
quarter 2007.

eBid eXchange delivers on the promise of software as a service (SaaS), without the
cost and time required for most Web-based software implementations. Setup can be
accomplished in hours or days rather than the weeks or months required of a typical
procurement software application. With pricing starting at less than $100 per month
per internal user, eBid eXchange 2007 Edition puts powerful procurement tools at
the disposal of small businesses that have been previously shut out of the procurement
software market. By significantly broadening the availability of procurement software
for businesses of all sizes, ProcureWare is changing the landscape for Supplier
Relationship Management (SRM) similar to what has done for Customer
Relationship Management (CRM).

Founded in 1999, ProcureWare has been delivering hosted procurement software 24/7
to several diverse markets. ProcureWare markets and representative clients include
Homebuilding (D.R. Horton), Commercial Contracting (L&L Builders), Manufacturing
(G.E. Aviation Materials), Government (City of Portland, Oregon), Utilities (Clark
Public Utilities), Transportation Agencies (Sound Transit), and Port Districts (Port
of Seattle). ProcureWare is headquartered in the Seattle, Washington area.