Introducing eBid eXchange Marketplace

Feb 5, 2014 by Dani Stoehr

eBid eXchange Marketplace

eBid eXchange Marketplace offers affordable,
pay-per-use online bidding and tendering

Bainbridge Island, WA – 2/5/2013 – ProcureWare, a leading provider of e-procurement software, today announced the launch of their new pay-per-use bidding portal, eBid eXchange Marketplace. The cloud-based service provides users, from architects and engineers to managers and purchasing agents, a wide range of tools to easily create and manage bid events and is free for all potential bidders to register.

By using the eBid eXchange Marketplace buyers can:

  • Save days in the bid to award process
  • Efficiently distribute bid documents electronically
  • Promote competitive pricing to lower costs
  • Centralize access to bid information
  • Document participation in the bidding process

“We are pleased to introduce the eBid eXchange Marketplace to empower smaller buying organizations or procurement professionals seeking to use our state-of-the-art sourcing technology. By introducing an economical pay-per-use model, any organization can take advantage of the opportunity to streamline the sourcing of goods and services without a long-term commitment,” said Keith Jones, President of ProcureWare. “We even offer an alternative that is free to the buying organization and allows bidders to access bid documents and submit their bids online at no charge. A modest fee is assessed only to the winning bidder.”

“Perhaps most importantly,” Keith further added. “The eBid eXchange Marketplace also offers buyers the ability to reach out to thousands of suppliers across a range of goods and services categories to promote a competitive bidding environment. We are excited to create a win-win opportunity for both buyers and sellers.”

For more information about posting bids in the eBid eXchange Marketplace or to register as a bidder, go to

About ProcureWare

ProcureWare delivers procurement software-as-a-service that streamlines supplier management, sourcing, and contract management for large and small private and public sector organizations. Their eBid eXchange system is used daily by over 300 organizations to save time and money in the procurement process. Information on the company is available at