Fall 2005 Edition Newsletter

Oct 12, 2005 by Dani Stoehr

New eBid eXchange Features

We are continually adding new functions and features to our system. Following are
some highlights of new features that have been added to our Fall 2005 Edition of
eBid eXchange.

Document Management

  • Document Folder Tree View – Taking advantage of the latest release of Microsoft’s
    .NET tools (Version 2.0), documents can saved to folders and displayed in a collapsible/expandable
    tree view.
  • Multiple Document Upload – Using a simple utility installed on your desktop (Active
    X Control), you can now highlight the entire file contents of a folder on your desktop,
    and copy/paste or drag the highlighted folders into the eBid eXchange document upload
    field. The on-screen progress bar will show the status of the document uploads.
  • Multiple Document Download – Suppliers can use a checkbox to identify specific files
    they wish to upload, and these files are automatically combined into a single downloadable
    zip file.


  • Message Delivery Tracking – The successful or unsuccessful delivery of all outbound
    fax and e-mail messages (including bounced e-mail) is displayed through the user
  • Message Receipt Acknowledgment – Messages can be optionally configured requesting
    receipt acknowledgement that provides confirmation of critical communications, such
    as addenda.

Bid Response

  • Multiple Line Item Bidding – Using familiar spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft
    Excel, buyers can create a multiple line item bid form. Upload the bid form into
    eBid eXchange, and a web form with the line items is automatically created. Bidders
    can be asked to respond online with a Will Bid or No Bid response prior to bid closing.
  • Non-Price Bidding Criteria – Buyers can specify non-price questions that must be
    answered by bidders, such as terms, delivery schedules, and past performance.
  • Bid Tabulation – Bids submitted by vendors are automatically tabulated by lots,
    line items, and total bid.