eBid eXchange Contributes to Green Program Initiatives

Aug 9, 2008 by Dani Stoehr

Originally conceived as a solution for “paperless contracting”, eBid eXchange has
gathered momentum as a part of customer programs to reduce environmental impacts.
In addition to the direct cost and labor savings from using an online vendor management,
sourcing, and contract management solution, use of an online communications portal
like eBid eXchange can make a significant contribution to the reduction in resource
consumption. Particularly for notoriously paper-intensive construction projects,
eBid eXchange can help achieve the following reductions in resource consumption:

  • Promote electronic dissemination of information and reduce or eliminate production
    of paper documents and associated binding materials.
  • Eliminate the fuel consumption involved in transportation and delivery of hard copy

Additionally, ProcureWare is considering offering streaming video services for
procurement-related meetings, such as pre-bid meetings and official bid openings,
to eliminate the need for transportation and physical attendance at meetings.

ProcureWare is committed to helping its clients realize the goals of their green
programs. Look for future news releases in which we will present case studies in
green program benefits.